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Your Back Pain May Be Coming From Your Feet

If you feel pain in your lower back and you don’t remember injuring it, the discomfort may be coming from your feet. Many people ignore foot pain. But you should not dismiss long-term foot pain as it could be the cause of problems in your back, hips, knees, and ankles.

Think about this. Every bone in our body connects to another bone at the joint. If a bone is out of position, it affects the next, over-stressing it and causing an adverse reaction throughout your body. When you have a problem with your feet, you tend to adjust and change the way you walk. This shift works its way through the entire lower portion of your body, changing the way your bones and joints work together and could cause pain. Over the course of time, this may lead to a breakdown in cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, and ultimately lead to arthritis.

If you experience foot pain this, visit us at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Specialists of Clifton for a consultation. Dr. Jefferey Miller and his experienced team work with patients to find a proper diagnosis and once that’s done, they will develop an effective treatment plan. Call (973) 365-2208 to reach our Clifton, NJ office or click here to schedule a consultation online.

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