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Winter Is Here Watch Out!

Be careful of those Black Ice and Winter Sports Wipeouts!

Often times when we take a spill on the ice or snow we think it's ok if we can get up and walk away. But in many cases, we have badly sprained or broken a small bone in the foot or ankle. In fact, one of the more common snowboarding injuries is called “Snowboarder’s Ankle”, which is a fracture of the outside of the Talus bone of the ankle. This is also a common skier injury.

For those of us who are not skiers or snowboarders, ice and snow can still be a hazard. The ankle joint is vulnerable to serious injury from hard falls on ice as it accelerates the fall and can cause more severe trauma because the foot can go in any direction once it slips.

Did you know that some 23,000 people per day injure their ankles? That’s right, injuries to the ankle are very common. In fact, 22% of sports injuries presented to emergency rooms are ankle injuries! It’s even possible to both fracture and sprain an ankle from a fall. And sometimes a bad sprain can mask the fracture.

Regardless of whether you are walking down a snowy sidewalk or practicing a winter sport and take a spill, don’t put off seeing a doctor. Applying weight to an injured ankle joint can worsen the problem. It could lead to chronic instability, joint pain, and even arthritis later in life.

From routine checkups to treatments for surgery, our staff at our Clifton, NJ podiatry office is equipped to handle all of your podiatric needs. On our website, we have provided an extensive list of services to help you understand your options in foot and ankle health.

For more information on sports injuries or any other facet of foot care, please call us at (973) 365-2208. Or if you prefer, you can quickly and easily request an appointment online.


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