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Safeguard Your Feet This Summer

Protection is key when enjoying the nice summer weather

With longer brighter days and sweltering temperatures, many of us will find ourselves venturing outside to soak up some sunny rays these next few months. Before you walk down your porch stairs barefoot to frolic in the soft summer grass, there are a few things you should consider about your foot-health.

Here are some tips to keep you and your family happy and in stride:

First and foremost, going barefoot or wearing open-toed shoes can lead directly to throbbing pain in the arch. If you are susceptible to aches and pains in the feet, perhaps it is best that you invest in a cushiony pair of sandals or sneakers. Oppressive heatwaves and strenuous activity can also provoke swelling of the feet. A sensible solution to treat inflammation is to soak your feet in cool water or ice, as well as move and stretch them so as to increase blood flow. By doing so, you can still partake in all the exhilarating outdoor endeavors, such as hiking and pickleball, that make summer memorable.

Secondly, if you do plan on venturing outside in minimal footwear, keep in mind the multitude of ways you could injure your feet. A mild lap around the poolside or jog to the ice cream truck could very well end with a stubbed toe or twisted ankle. Even standing or sitting can be detrimental to your safety, as passing objects or people could hurriedly mow over your bare toes. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as being too vigilant, especially when traveling on exposed feet.

Try not to stroll onto rocky trails or weathered wood, so as to avoid scratches, cuts, and splinters. The skin on the bottom, particularly around the heel of your foot, might become calloused and roughened the more you reveal it to harsh conditions. Once there is an open scrape on the skin surface, it becomes a breeding ground for infectious bacteria. We don’t always think about safeguarding our feet from germs like we do our hands, but it is just as vital to do so. Soaking your feet in a bath, lathering them with lotion, and using a brush to dust away dead skin are all ways to rejuvenate cells and boost foot-vigor. This summer, don’t let your foot-health slow you down-take care of yourself and enjoy the lovely weather.

Do you have any concerns about your foot health? Visit us at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Specialists of Clifton for a consultation. Dr. Jefferey Miller and his experienced team work with patients to find a proper diagnosis and once that’s done, they will develop an effective treatment plan. Call (973) 365-2208 to reach our Clifton, NJ office or click here to schedule a consultation online.

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