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Preparing Your Feet for Fall Weather

With the passing of the Labor Day holiday, the summer season is coming to an end. Soon it will be time to store away the sandals and flip-flops and switch over to your fall footwear. Which makes this the perfect time to give your feet some extra special care.

Skin and Nail Care

During the fall and the winter months, our feet tend to become dryer, due to the lower indoor humidity created by indoor heating systems. This makes it the perfect time to invest in a deep moisturizing foot cream to use after bathing. It is also a good time to take a break from nail polish and give your toenails some time to breathe. This will allow air to reach to nail bed. If the toenails look dry, cracked, and brittle from summer polish use, you can apply a vitamin E oil, foot cream, or lotion rubbing it gently into the nails and cuticles to moisturize them. Be sure to allow your toes to fully absorb and dry before putting on shoes.


Fall is the beginning of boot season. So, it’s time to take out the boots and fall shoes and give them a good once over. Make sure they still fit comfortably and are in good condition for use. Carefully examine them for signs of wear and ensure they still properly support your feet. While you are trying on your fall footwear you may also want to go through your sock collection. Checking for holes and shrinkage taking inventory of what you need for the new season.

Care for Foot Conditions

Lastly, make sure that any outstanding foot conditions have been properly cared for prior to wearing close-toed shoes again. Conditions like ingrown toenails and nail or foot fungus can be aggravated in the warm, moist confines of a boot or colder weather shoes. Additionally, bunions, hammertoes, and neuromas can become more symptomatic in the fall and winter months.

If you need assistance with any foot problems contact us to schedule an appointment! Call us at (973) 365-2208 or fill out our appointment form, and our staff will get back to you right away!

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