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Is Walking Barefoot Good For You?

Walking barefoot, often called “earthing”, is a trend that is gaining recognition as being good for you on many levels.

Scientific research supports the practice with a number of remarkable health advantages. Some of these are improved sleep, an increase in antioxidants, reduction of inflammation, and a boost to your immune system.

Studies show that there are many benefits derived from a healthy relationship between our bodies and the earth. Our planet has its own magnetic charge – it is filled with negative ions. We need these negative ions to counteract the harmful positive ions we receive from our electronic devices. This creates a balance of energy within our bodies, and our bare feet act as the conductor.

There are studies that have found that ‘earthing’ can improve your cardiovascular health by increasing the surface charge of red blood cells and decreasing the thickness of your blood.

Still, other studies show that going barefoot can be very beneficial to your musculoskeletal structure. Shoes hold the bones of your feet in such a way that inhibits fluid movement, preventing our feet from being flexible and strong. The body then depends upon other muscles to do the job that our feet should be doing, which in turn can affect our posture. Going without shoes can also help prevent injuries like bunions, deformities, and heel spurs.

To summarize, here are a few health benefits to going barefoot:

• Sleep Quality Increases – ‘Earthing’ relieves tension and adds negative ions to our body. Negative ions promote relaxation and help improve sleep quality.

• Electron Balance – Walking barefoot creates an ionic balance within our bodies. This helps to balance emotional and mental stability and overall well-being.

• Senses Increase – Information is transmitted from the feet to other areas of the body. It can provide for a higher awareness of your surroundings.

• Improved Posture – Footwear prevents flexibility and strength in our feet. The weakness can lead to incorrect posture, which can then lead to back, neck, and knee pain.

It would seem that going barefoot should be the new norm. However, practically speaking, you can’t go barefoot everywhere. So what should you do? When you get home, walk barefoot around the house. Take walks on a regular basis and if possible, remove your shoes and let your feet reconnect with the earth.

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