How to Prevent Fungal Nail Infection or Reinfection

Toenail fungus is an often-diagnosed fungal infection. In many situations, the fungal microorganism responsible for the action is the same as the one causing athlete’s foot. Both the conditions can be prevented by adopting healthy habits. Reinfection is likely to occur if proper hygiene isn’t maintained and sustained. Here are some ways of preventing infection or reinfection:

Maintain excellent personal foot hygiene

If you’re prone to excessive sweating you must change both your socks and footwear daily, even if its several times per day. Alternate the pair of shoes so that you allow enough time for the insides to dry. Additionally, you could use antifungal spray or powder for your shoes to prevent reinfection. Breathable shoes are highly recommended for those who have an infection. Retailers carry socks with antifungal fibers, and UV light products for shoes that help wick more moisture. You should also throw out old shoes rather than trying to treat the fungus inside them. Placing cotton balls inside shoes overnight (previously soaked in tea tree oil) can help prevent the development of the fungi inside the shoes. Using antifungal nail polish is also recommended.

Laundry hacks           

Washing socks and bedding on high heat has proved to be effective. Research shows that bleach is an excellent anti-fungal, so you could bleach white socks. Also, the bedding and socks that you feel have been infected should be washed and dried first and separately.

Be smart about feet in public

You should try to not walk barefoot in locker rooms and gyms barefoot. You don’t know if the place has been infected by someone who’s had a fungal infection. Also, refrain from sharing personal hygiene products such as towels as these can harbor fungal microorganism and transmit them.

Strengthening immune system

Toenail fungus is more common amongst those whose immune system isn’t strong enough. Strengthening one’s immune system is one of the methods of preventing toenail fungus. Following a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants can strengthen the immune system.

Toenail fungus is a common condition that affects many people. It’s not necessarily a serious condition but can be difficult to treat, causing discomfort and even pain. Therefore, its far better to prevent this condition than treating it, especially since it has a high reoccurrence rate. Talk candidly with your podiatrist about treating your toenail and skin fungal infections, whether you choose to use oral anti-fungal prescription medication, topical antifungal prescription medications over the counter antifungal medications or homeopathic remedies as white vinegar, tea tree oil or Vicks vapo rub, use something.

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