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How Can Athletes Prevent Foot and Ankle Stress?

Athletes must pay attention to when their body is in pain. Young adults get carried away while playing sports and take to peer pressure, thus ignoring when their body signals that it’s in pain. Prioritizing to warm up and playing sports with technique is important to prevent injury. Here are some ways athletes can prevent foot and ankle stress while indulging in athletics or recreational sports:

Check your equipment

One should ensure that the quality of shoes is good and they’re replaced when worn out. Some research on what your foot shape is will help buy specific shoes that provide optimal comfort and cushioning for the targeted activity. One must ensure to wear shoes that fit appropriately without any wiggle room. Shoes that don’t fit well can cause pain in the feet, ankles, legs, hips and even the spine. Socks should never be 100% cotton since they’re not moisture wicking.

Ankle protection

Additionally, be careful when switching from running on a treadmill to asphalt. Transitions should be made cautiously so that the muscles at work can adapt to the change in effort and angle required to perform. One should assess the extent of ankle pain when experienced and visit the doctor if it’s severe. Sports that have padding available for athletes, like ankle and shin guards should make use of it, like soccer and football.

Check form

Poor technique can be a common cause of stress fractures. This is especially true for recreational athletes who get up and start playing sports. Easing into seasonal sports is important. Moreover, if the training regime changes significantly throughout the year, athletes should take caution to amp up slowly when peak season approaches. Cross training is recommended for athletes who only engage in one sport throughout the year to prevent the risk of stress fractures from overusing the same muscle group.

Foot and ankle conditioning

Performing regular foot and ankle exercise will provide stability and strength. Repetitive and consistent exercise will reduce muscle soreness, provide muscle stability and increase the range of motion. A conditioning plan including these basic elements must be adopted to improve health and prevent injuries.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office located in Clifton, NJ. We offer diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care.

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