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Holistic Health Practices for Healthy Feet

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Our feet take a fairly good beating on a daily basis. How often do we think about our feet and how hard they work? Typically, not very much, its usually when they hurt, that we think of them. When we couple the lack of attention, we pay to our feet along with how tightly we contain our feet in shoes all day, it is easy to see how foot problems can arise. But with a few holistic health practices and a readiness to be mindful of our feet we can improve the health of our feet.

Have You Heard of Toe Spacers?

Toe spacers also called toe separators are made from silicon or gel and conform to your toes to separate them so they do not overlap. They are helpful in releasing pressure and realigning the toes. Though their benefits can extend past the toes, quite literally. They can help give your foot a better more stable foundation by reducing friction and irritation, helping to restore proper bone orientation, enabling natural arch support and encouraging the development of your intrinsic foot muscles.

Self-Massage Foot Rubs

Who does not love a good foot massage? Its, one of the easiest things we can do for ourselves to release the day’s stress on our feet. Here is a self-massage technique you can use to destress your feet.

Before getting started be sure to remove your shoes, socks, and any foot or ankle jewelry you are wearing. If you have time, a foot bath is nice, but if not washing hands and feet in warm water is good too. Find your self a comfortable place to sit and you are ready to begin.

Start with a little ankle circling by placing one foot on top of the opposing thigh, using both hands gently rotate your foot at the ankle. Next add a sole rub by placing one hand on top of your foot and the other on the sole of your foot. You can use brisk strokes with your knuckles to stimulate the foot or gentle strokes with your fingers to soothe it. Be sure to focus on the entire foot toe to heel. If you are not too keen on wearing a toe spacer, you can try wiggling your fingers between the toes during your massage to encourage more toe separation.

Benefits of Rolling Your Feet

Foot rolling can provide significant relief to tired and achy feet. It can also help release stiffness and tightness in the fascia. Fascia, an intricate interconnected web of soft tissue, helps to hold our fluids and structures together in our body. It has great influences on our body’s movement and posture. And it connects seemingly unrelated parts of the body together. Rolling either with a foam roller or a ball can be a very effective way to help release tight spots, bring blood flow to the foot, encourage better mobility and physical function all around. After rolling the bottom of the feet you may find your hamstring release and your leg feel lighter. Simplest method is to put a tennis or racket ball on the ground and gently roll it under your foot slowly, one inch per second. Try it by starting at the top outer side of the foot rolling back and forth length wise moving toward the arch of the foot. Before you move on to your other foot, stand up if seated, and take a few minutes to notice the difference in feeling of the feet, legs, and back.

Please note, if you have any health concerns, such as diabetes or circulatory issues, or you are pregnant, talk to your physician before rolling or massaging your feet.

If you are experiencing foot or ankle problems, please call (973) 365-2208. While online, request your appointment at our office located in Clifton, NJ today!

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