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Five Tips for Healthy Holiday Feet

Don't let sore, achy feet ruin your holiday season. Here are five tips for safe and healthy holiday feet.

  1. Keep up with exercise. Avoid the extra holiday pounds that can cause foot pain by continuing your regular exercise routine. Exercising and engaging in physical activity during the holidays can increase your energy, reduce stress, and help you manage anxiety and depression.

  2. If the shoe fits, wear it! Whether you are heading to the shopping mall or hitting the dance floor this holiday season, don’t compromise on comfort and safety when selecting shoes to wear. Tight, narrow, overly high-heeled, or poorly fitting dress shoes can irritate feet and lead to blisters, calluses, swelling, and even ankle injuries. Choosing a well-fitting shoe with a low or moderate heel is a proactive way to protect your feet during the holiday season.

  3. Treat yourself to new shoes. Now that you have tossed out poorly fitting shoes, consider yourself while you are out shopping for others. Replace the old, worn-out shoes you have thrown away. That goes for workout sneakers and the boots you have been wearing for the past few years.

  4. Be mindful not to overindulge in holiday cheer. Your feet can feel the effects of too much holiday cheer. Certain foods and beverages high in purines, such as red meat, red wine, shellfish, and beer, can trigger painful gout conditions, where uric acid builds up and crystalizes in and around joints. Most often, the big toe is the first affected as it is the coolest part of the body and uric acid is sensitive to temperature changes.

  5. Watch for ice and snow. Don’t let the beauty of a holiday winter wonderland distract you while you walk. Be cautious as you travel outdoors, watching for ice and snow patches along your journey. The ankle joint can be more vulnerable to serious injury from falling on the ice. Slipping on ice accelerates the fall and often causes more severe trauma, as the foot can move in any direction after it slips.

For more information on injuries or any other facets of foot care, call (973) 365-2208. While on the line, request your appointment at our office today!

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