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Five fun foot facts you probably didn’t know

Here are five facts about your foot that you may not have heard:

  1. First, a quarter of all your body bones are located in your foot, a whopping 52 bones in a pair of feet!

  2. Second, when you walk, every time your heel lifts off the floor, your toe carries one-half of your body weight.

  3. Third, your two feet do not share the same size! One is usually bigger than the other that’s why the ancient Romans – first to do so – constructed distinctive right and left shoes. It’s why to this day you’ll have a tough time switching which shoe goes on which feet.

  4. Fourth, walking by far is the best exercise for both your feet and your body. It helps keep you lose weight and stay healthy while building muscles.

  5. And Fifth, did you know the thickest skin we possess is on the heels of our feet.

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