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Crisp Up Your Shoe Collection This Autumn

Find the right pair of shoes for you! Looks like it’s time to go back-to-school shopping and prepare your wardrobe for cooler climates. Before you hit the mall, consider these clever tips on selecting the best shoes for your feet. This way, you and your family can kick off the season feeling both stylish and comfortable.

What you should consider in advance to shopping?

When it comes to purchasing shoes, realize that your choice of footwear can affect how you feel well above the ankles. As mentioned in previous articles, ill-fitted shoes can potentially lead to or worsen aches felt throughout the body, such as in the back and knees. If these symptoms are familiar to you, pay extra attention to the level of cushioning your shoes provide. Think about the activities you expect to perform in your shoes, whether that be strolling around a tight workspace or climbing up steep stairwells. When it comes to making selections for children, look for something that is safe and conducive for recess. The more extensive the activity, the more secure the shoes should be.

What to look for while you are trying shoes on?

So you’re at the store, pulling shoeboxes from the shelves left and right. Now what? Trying on shoes before making the purchase is crucial and can save you some time and money down the road. Once you’ve slipped on a promising pair, wiggle and shift your toes to further gauge the fit. While you want something that hugs the feet, you don’t want something that totally restricts movement. Don’t always assume that you will “break them in” either, as some shoes are less stretchable than others. Taking a few strides and standing for a moment should be enough action for an assessment. If you just can’t seem to find the right size, however, consider asking an employee for measuring assistance.

Holding and studying the shoes from the inside out can also tell you just how protective they truly are. Is the sole thick enough to shield you from sharp objects beneath? Is there enough traction to prevent you from slipping on loose leaves or icy walkways? Are there any protruding tags or seams that might pester your skin? Being mindful of these details can help you determine if the shoes are worth keeping in the long run (no pun intended!).

Do you have any concerns about your foot health? Visit us at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Specialists of Clifton for a consultation. Dr. Jefferey Miller and his experienced team work with patients to find a proper diagnosis and once that’s done, they will develop an effective treatment plan. Call (973) 365-2208 to reach our Clifton, NJ office or click here to schedule a consultation online.

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