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At-Home Foot Measures to Optimize your Foot Health

Updated: May 19, 2020

Make these habits a part of your routine

We all wish we could have effortlessly baby-soft feet for life; but let’s face it, wear and tear happen. While the likelihood of experiencing blisters, calluses, and other pesky problems is high, there are some precautionary steps you can take every day to get your feet looking flawless (or as close to it as possible).

What you can do every time you wash up

Scrub, scrub, scrub your feet every time you step into the shower. Let the suds wash away the dirt and debris from head to toe. It is no secret that dirty feet are more likely to contract infections, especially when there are open sores or cuts on the skin surface. Untidy feet can downright stink, figuratively and literally! While you`re scrubbing and exfoliating, check your feet for any blisters, scratches, rashes, bruises, and other unfavorable surprises. Covering any open or irritated wounds with a band-aid is a smart idea that can ensure safe healing. Don’t forget to lather your fresh skin in lotion to replenish skin cells and ward off dry flaky patches. For a hydration-boost, also consider applying a few drops of oil, such as of a vitamin E or coconut variety. There are a handful of drug-store items you should always keep handy for grooming, including nail-clippers, foot-filers, pumice stones, and luffas.

What you can do while working at your desk

You don’t need us to tell you that moving the body frequently enough is essential to good health; but trust us, it works wonders!

Some studies have gone so far as to compare the consequences of sedentary lifestyles to those of smoking! Taking a stroll every once in a while encourages the blood to keep moving throughout your extremities, including your feet. While seated, try not to cross your legs for long periods of time and frequently wriggle your toes and ankles to prevent blood from pooling. When you have the time to do so, take a brisk walk with your dog or jog on the treadmill. Your body can only benefit when your circulatory system is enhanced.

How you can alter your overall lifestyle

You have been reminded, time after time again, that poor lifestyle choices can lead to inflammation and disease all throughout the body.

To prevent these issues and bolster your overall well-being, build a lifestyle founded on healthy eating and exercise, as well as avoid smoking and over-consuming alcohol. Visiting your doctor regularly, as well as sharing foot-related concerns with your podiatrist, can help stop sickness or injury-progression in its tracks. Don’t let worn-out feet give you the blues. Instead, prioritize hygiene and build a smart regime that will keep your feet looking (and feeling) nourished and youthful.

Do you have any concerns about your foot health? Visit us at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Specialists of Clifton for a consultation. Dr. Jefferey Miller and his experienced team work with patients to find a proper diagnosis and once that’s done, they will develop an effective treatment plan.

Call (973) 365-2208 to reach our Clifton, NJ office or click here to schedule a consultation online.

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