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9 Ways to Prevent Cold Feet During the Winter

Keep your feet toasty this winter. We have 9 tips that will help you prevent cold feet during this chilly season.

  1. Keep your torso warm. The warmer your torso, the less blood is drawn from your limbs to warm it up.

  2. Thicker doesn’t always mean warmer. Thick socks cause pressure on the foot, cutting off circulation.

  3. Avoid wearing cotton socks. Cotton gets wet with sweat quickly. Moisture prevents heat from being maintained.

  4. Wear wool socks instead. Wool both repels and absorbs water.

  5. Try liner socks. Wearing liner socks as an additional layer will add warmth. Do without them if your shoes feel too tight.

  6. Avoid drinking caffeine. Stay away from caffeinated beverages when it is cold. Caffeine causes your vessels to constrict, limiting blood flow.

  7. Deep breaths. Research in Tibetan monasteries found that deep breathing and meditation raise body temperature.

  8. Carry an extra pair of socks with you. When your feet sweat, have a backup pair to keep your feet dry.

  9. Eat right. Boost circulation and warm up those extremities by eating right.Eat heart-healthy foods like fatty fish, nuts, olive oil, and fruits and veggies. Add spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, horseradish, and garlic to your food and drink for some extra heat.

If the above does not help keep your feet warm, and low temperatures in your feet persist, consult a doctor.

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