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7 Tips For Taking Care of Your Feet

Healthy feet are essential as they serve as the foundation for the rest of your body. If you are having problems with your feet, this can affect your knees, hips, and lower back. It quickly becomes apparent that taking care of your feet is of vital importance.

These 7 tips can help you practice proper foot hygiene:

1. Vitamin D for Bone Health – Vitamin D helps to control the body’s levels of calcium and phosphate, which are critical for growing new bone. You can regulate your levels by proper diet, sun exposure, and vitamin supplements.

2. Practicing Good Foot Hygiene – Good foot hygiene is important for maintaining foot health. It involves the washing of feet, toenail care, and daily foot inspections.

3. Keeping Your Feet Flexible – Flexibility can promote good foot health. Toe raising, pointing and curling are among the several simple exercises one can do to strengthen toes and prevent foot discomfort.

4. Eating Right for Healthy Feet – Inadequate amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D (as mentioned earlier) in your diet can increase the risk of Osteoporosis leading to bone fractures.

5. Recognizing Abnormal Changes in Feet – Abnormal changes can occur in feet. Some are often caused by prolonged use of ill-fitting shoes. These problems include Bunions, Hammertoe, Arthritis, Claw Toe, Calluses or Corns, and Morton’s Neuromas.

6. Reading Your Footprint – When you take a step, a healthy foot should hit the ground heel first and roll toward the toes. The arch should spring as you push off the ball of your foot not touching the ground.

7. Cigarette Smoke Affects Healing – Exposure to cigarette smoke prevents oxygen from adequately being carried throughout the body. Smoking increases the chance that your bones may not heal well, or may become infected.

If you are experiencing foot or ankle problems, please call (973) 365-2208. While on the line, request your appointment at our office located in Clifton, NJ today!

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