4 Ways To Build Strength in Feet and Ankles

Updated: May 19, 2020

Our feet and ankles are extremely important, considering they are the support system for the rest of our body. Unfortunately, most people ignore their feet and ankles until a problem arises. This neglect can ultimately lead to stiffness, weakness, and pain. Discover below, 4 simple means to lessen the chances of injury, reverse the damage that has already been done and keep this essential part of your body strong and flexible.

1. Strengthening Exercises – Our feet and ankles are capable of a wide range of motion. By performing these exercises, you can increase your flexibility and strength, allowing for functionality to increase.

  1. Foot Circles – works on the neglected muscles of the arch.

  2. Toe Flex – curl and uncurl your toes continuously.

  3. Diagonal Patterns – trace an X diagonal pattern with your toes.

  4. Rolling up Onto the Toes – stretching your calf by pulling your toes up towards your shin.

  5. Ankle Rolling – Slowly roll your ankle from side-to-side.

  6. Weight Bearing – use weight on each side as you roll your ankle in and out.

  7. Calf Raises – keep your knees straight and flex your calves on a step to allow for dipping room.

2. Massage Techniques – Prior to strengthening exercises, and as often as you would like, the message will work to loosen tension and relieve tightness in your muscles.

3. Stretches – A common complaint people have is a lack of flexibility. Many exercises and everyday activities require that your feet and ankles be limber. Stretching will help to achieve improvements in range of motion. Try this simple stretching exercise: rest your foot on a block and drop your heel down.

4. Repetition – Your feet and ankles require as much attention as the rest of your body in order to stay healthy. A combination of massage stretches and strengthening exercises will keep them strong and flexible. You will feel results by spending only 5-10 minutes per day on these recommended techniques. Also, remember that a healthier diet will help with muscle stiffness and joint pain.

Don’t take your feet and ankles for granted. Consider these tips as part of your regular exercise routine and we guarantee you’ll feel a difference.

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